East London NHS Foundation Trust, Luton and Bedfordshire

East London NHS Foundation Trust provides a wide range of mental health, community health, and inpatient services to young people, working age adults, older adults and forensic services to the City of London, Hackney, Newham and Tower Hamlets. We provide mental health and wellbeing services in Bedfordshire and Luton.

Our 5,500 staff, the heart of our operation, provide £390 million worth of services from over 100 community and inpatient sites.  Our East London population totals around 750,000 and we are proud to serve one of the most culturally diverse parts of the UK. In Bedfordshire and Luton, we are now responsible for a further 630,000 people’s mental health and community health (Bedfordshire only) care needs.


Research Team

Kurt Buhagiar (Principal Investigator)



Jade Donaghy (Research Assistant)

Jade Donaghy graduated in Theatre Studies at Roehampton University, then completed a Masters conversion course in Psychology at London South Bank University.

She has been working for the East London Foundation Trust for over three years, and recently started her first research assistant post with the Unit for Social and Community Psychiatry, in 2019. Jade has worked therapeutically in a rage of settings, including community teams, inpatient wards and forensic services.

Her interests are clinical psychology, research in social psychiatry and eating disorders.





Anna Walker (Research Assistant) 

Anna Walker works as a part-time Research Assistant on the SCENE project, and is also training as a High-Intensity CBT Therapist at the University of Oxford.

Throughout her career, Anna has worked in both clinical and research settings, enjoy the practicalities of applying evidence based interventions to meet individual needs in clinical settings. She has held roles with adults and young people with a variety of presenting issues related to mental health (inpatient, community and criminal justice settings). She has also worked with adults with autism and learning disabilities in both a clinical and research capacity.

Anna is particularly interested in researching marginalised groups in society whose voices are often missing from mainstream healthcare and clinical research. Previous research projects include:

  • Mixed methods analysis exploring the impact of mainstreaming healthcare on adults in Newham with a mild learning disability.
  • RCT on the effects of a brief intervention for young people in the criminal justice system with substance abuse problems.
  • Systematic review of interventions for children and adolescents following the addition of limited prosocial emotions specifier to the DSM-5.